• HARD TECHNO Extrait de Parfum 50ml

HARD TECHNO Extrait de Parfum 50ml

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It seems that many times my perfumes are a reflex of my personal life or my culture. Sometimes a new perfume is a way to look into a particular aspect of my life, a memory, or an interpretation of a part of my own cultural references. With Hard Techno, it's probably all of that. In November 2021, I discovered a place in Lisbon where I was reborn to dance and rejuvenated by sound. In this place, raving is a weekly religion, and one DJ in specific, made me discover and love Hard Techno as a music style that makes me move. Since then, I have been raving almost every week, and feeling this energy running through my body made me transform in a way I simply can't explain. With the fragrance Hard Techno, I wanted to pay a tribute to this place and this DJ, by interpreting the techno experience into the shape of smell. Hard Techno is my personal interpretation of the rough texture of the sound created by the Roland 303 synthesizer, a crucial device for this harder and darker face of techno. I created this rough texture as a coat for the recreation of the disco smoke accord, the chemical smell of everything synthetic, dust, sound and laser lights. Hard Techno is animalic, musky, spicy, powdery and sweet, like sweaty bodies dancing all night and morning. The following list of notes is just a way to simplify the scent profile, since this formula is 99.9% synthetic.


Notes: Cumin, Vanilla, Iris, Sandalwood, Musks, Woods.


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