• ELECTRIC DREAMS Extrait de parfum 50ml

ELECTRIC DREAMS Extrait de parfum 50ml

120,00 €  

Loosely inspired by the story of a computer that falls in love with a neighbor musician, this is the smell of digital hormones trying to understand an emotion but failing at it. Miguel Matos Electric Dreams is an 80's fantasy scent with a movie and a song as reference, but you can just think of it as something explosively fun, a fragrance of the digital era pre-internet, dreaming of the future. So, it's retrofuturistic with old and new molecules and it's also Miguel's first 100% synthetic fragrance.


Metallic Citruses, Cheap Wine, Tutti Frutti Soda, Plastic Flowers, Banana, Ambrocenide, Leather, Clean Laundry, Iso E Super, Strawberry Gum, Overheated Computer Smoke


* This isn't a perfume. It´s a piece of olfactory art. It uses safe ingredients only, but can cause reaction in allergy-prone skin. Test on a small patch of skin.

50ml. Non IFRA compliant.