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Berlin is a tale of how visiting regularly this German city for clubbing shaped my culture, and finally influenced how I see club culture and society. This perfume was composed as my personal scent, in particular how I wanted to smell when I went to Berlin, and for the last year I have been wearing this creation and perfecting it until it arrived to the final stage. The first formula was composed after a 5 days clubbing session: Buttons rave at Club Ost, a night at Laboratory, two days at Berghain and finally the last night at Kit Kat. I assembled all the smells and sensations I perceived from these places where techno made bodies move and interact in different ways. What I saw was an utopic bubble of humanity, and the primal gestures of dancing and sex. Berlin is also a perfume that I created as my self portrait and it can be considered as the third part of a Techno trilogy that started with Hard Techno and continued with Unfold. The result is dark and industrial, but also woody and spicy, animalic and warm with an underlying sweetness. It's my most intimate fragrance so far and if you smell it, you get to know me a little better.


Notes: Calabrian Bergamot, Cumin, Smoke, Oud, Leather, Tonka Bean Absolute, Iso E Super, Oakmoss, Animalic Notes, Incense, Vanillin, Ambergris, Salt


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