• SOLD OUT!!!  Scent of Fail Eau de Parfum 50ml

SOLD OUT!!! Scent of Fail Eau de Parfum 50ml

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New super limited edition of only 20 bottles. There is no formula, the scent is impossible to repeat. Scent of Fail is a neo-punk-dada work of olfactory art, made from failed attempts.

During my days in the lab, trying to come up with new and exciting fragrances, a lot of errors are made. Everytime I fail in making a perfume (most of the time), I throw the juice into one big bottle. This bottle of failures stands before me everyday.

The smell of error is, after after all, a mix of my favorite ingredients and in the end it manages to bear my signature. It's a psychoanalytic piece of perfume made by my subconscious and with a surrealistic, humurous approach. Get this while you can

I can't know exactly what the notes are, but I know there are a lot of citrus notes, florals like magnolia, rose, tuberose and narcissus in a very abstract bouquet, some oud, some oakmoss, animalic notes (abundantly) and it smells like a green anialic chypre of the past. It is not a beast, nor a crowd pleases, but it pleases me, surprisingly. The smell of fail is the smell of the process of perfume making.

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