• Scent of Fail 4 - Limited Edition of 20 Bottles 50ml

Scent of Fail 4 - Limited Edition of 20 Bottles 50ml

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Limited edition of 20 bottles. There is no formula, the scent is impossible to repeat. Scent of Fail 4 is a neo-punk-dada work of olfactory art, made from failed attempts. During my days in the lab, trying to come up with new and exciting fragrances, a lot of errors are made. Everytime I fail in making a perfume (most of the time), I throw the juice into one big bottle. This bottle of failures stands before me everyday. The smell of error is, after after all, a mix of my favorite ingredients and in the end it manages to bear my signature. It's a psychoanalytic piece of perfume made by my subconscious and with a surrealistic, humurous approach. The 4th edition of Scent of Fail gathers some of my attempts of making perfumes, in this specific case, a floral musky animalic chypre, something I naturally gravitate to. But still, I failed a lot. In this case, I didn't want to release another Scent of Fail. But I had this bottle of fails sitting in the back of the lab, and it had been forgotten there for more that one year. Until one day I was cleaning and organizing, and I found it there. I was curious to see what time and maceration had done to it. And this was the biggest surprise. It turns out that this is my best fail ever, or at least, my personal favorite. It is a cocktail of fresh and green notes, with abstract florals and a musky animalic base with leather. Honestly, I was shocked to see how good this was, and I wish I could replicate it to add it to my main collection.