• Scent of Fail 2 Eau de Parfum 50ml (Limited edition 30 bottles)

Scent of Fail 2 Eau de Parfum 50ml (Limited edition 30 bottles)

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New super limited edition of only 30 bottles. There is no formula, the scent is impossible to repeat. Scent of Fail 2 is a neo-punk-dada work of olfactory art, made from failed attempts.

During my days in the lab, trying to come up with new and exciting fragrances, a lot of errors are made. Everytime I fail in making a perfume (most of the time), I throw the juice into one big bottle. This bottle of failures stands before me everyday.

The smell of error is, after after all, a mix of my favorite ingredients and in the end it manages to bear my signature. It's a psychoanalytic piece of perfume made by my subconscious and with a surrealistic, humurous approach. Get this while you can

Second edition of Scent of Fail gathers some of my first failed attempts of making perfumes, along with newest fails. Almost half of its composition is a tincture made last summer with Immortelle and the rare Portuguese Crowberry. It is an amber animalic with sweet, warm tones. Shipping after October 7, but you can pre-order now.

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